Monomials part 1


monomial is an algebraic expression that consists of only one term. (A term is a numerical or literal expression with its own sign.) For instance, 9x , -4a², and  3mpx³ are all monomials. The number in front of the variable is called the numerical coefficient. In -9xy, -9 is the coefficient.

Adding and subtracting monomials

To add or subtract monomials, follow the same rules as with signed numbers, provided that the terms are like. Like terms have the same pronumeral part, i.e. the same letters. E.g.,  and , but  and  are not like. Notice that you add or subtract the coefficients only, and leave the variables as they are.

For example

When terms or monomials contain the same variable and same exponent, they are like terms. Addition of monomials is done by adding the coefficients, without changing the variables nor the exponents.

x + 2 x = (3+2)x = 5 x

8y + 3y = (8 + 3)y = 11y

4np3 + 8np3 = (4 + 8)np= 12 np3

7 + 7x + 13x = 7 + (7 + 13)x = 20x + 7

For example

To subtract monomials, follow the same rules as with numbers, provided that the terms are like.

Let us subtract 12x from 10x
Given monomials are, 12x and 10x
12x-10x = (12-10)x = 2x


The letters and exponents never change; only the numbers out front change.

Whatever letters are in the problem are the same in the answer.



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