Mardi gras

Mardi Gras has origins in medieval Europe, it comes from French and means Fat Tuesday, it’s the day for eating a lot and unhealthy food before the traditional forty days of fasting during the season of Lent in the Catholic faith.

This feast was common, during the medieval times in Europe, specially in Italy and France. This tradition found it’s way to the New World.

The first celebration of Mardi Gras in US is dated 1699, in a place 60 miles near the city that woul have become New Orleans.

Over time this celebration grew, with parades and street parties.

When the spanish arrived in New Orleans, in the 1760s, they tried to shut down this celebration. The restriction continued till the early 1800s, when this celebration was recognised but not encouraged.

The first official mardi Gras’ parade took place in 1837.

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras and need a theemed math activity for your students?

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