Not only math, English activity by Mr Forman from ELA in Middle School

Normally I do math, but in this period of distance learning I had also to help homeschool my son. Luckily, because I found an amzing person and a wonderful teacher.

Here is what I think about his product.

Why do I love boom cards?

Because are amazing, and because when you look you can find amazing jobs.

I’m a math teacher, so I don’t usually look for anything else than math.

This time I needed something for my son’s English lesson.

Mr Forman is a Middle school ELA teacher, and I feel so lucky I’ve found him.

The deck I’m talking is composed by 50 cards on Figurative Language.

The first part explain simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, imagery, allusion, alliteration and personification.

The explanation is clear and easy, and you feel like “of course! it so easy, why didn’t I understand before?”

Then you can find a set of exercise where you have to find the right figurative language. Examples once again are clear and beautiful to read. You get to master the topic with very little effort, and most of all without getting bored.

My son is not English mother tongue, but he immediately understood and begged me for more boom cards from Mr. Forman.

Take the time to step by Tpt, Boom cards, The Wheel or Ampedup and take a look at his products, You will enjoy them, I promise.


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