Boom cards

It was the end of February when we were told that schools would close and that we should invent a new way to teach overnight.

After two months I’m still struggling. I love technology and I think it has great potential, but most of us made a mistake. We thought that we could continue teaching in the old way, only behind a screen instead of in class, but kids get bored. Sometimes I get this  feeling that all my students are sleeping, and there is nothing I can do about it…almost.

A few days ago, I ran into boom cards

It allows you to create interactive lessons and do everything you want: drag and drop, fill in the blanks, multiple choice.

There are thousands of decks already created by other teachers, some are free others you have to pay for, but they are beautiful, engaging, and fun and you can create your own decks, so you can decide the level perfect for your class.

Another bright side of it is that you can sell the decks that you create.

I teach middle and high school and from what I understand boom cards are not so common to be used for older students while they are really popular for elementary school.

Boom Cards are the perfect combination of engagement and efficiency for elementary teachers. The platform provides a unique digital experience for the students as it presents content in perfect bite-sized pieces. Bright visuals guide the students through essential learning tasks one question at a time and the students feel like they’re playing the latest app. The entire process is streamlined with the ability for students to input their responses instantaneously. 

The very fact that kids aren’t overwhelmed with a list of questions or associated information is one of the reasons educators are flocking towards the cards.

The control that Boom provides teachers is unprecedented as the cards guide your students through your learning objectives and records all responses creating feedback opportunities and usable data for assessment.

For students learning in a digital environment it is an absolutely vital tool and as they re-enter the classroom it will remain a staple of the modern elementary classroom. 

Come and see:

Thanks to Kenny’s classroom for his help:

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