Not only math, English activity by Mr Forman from ELA in Middle School

Normally I do math, but in this period of distance learning I had also to help homeschool my son. Luckily, because I found an amzing person and a wonderful teacher. Here is what I think about his product. Why do I love boom cards? Because are amazing, and because when you look you can findContinue reading “Not only math, English activity by Mr Forman from ELA in Middle School”

Mardi gras

Mardi Gras has origins in medieval Europe, it comes from French and means Fat Tuesday, it’s the day for eating a lot and unhealthy food before the traditional forty days of fasting during the season of Lent in the Catholic faith. This feast was common, during the medieval times in Europe, specially in Italy andContinue reading “Mardi gras”

Relative numbers (part 1)

Addition and subtraction We can count forwards: 1, 2, 3, 4, …and the question is: if you can go in one way, can you go the opposite way? The answer is: negative numbers Now we can go forwards and backwards as far as we want. + is the positive sign – Is the negative signContinue reading “Relative numbers (part 1)”


A sphere is the set of all points, in three-dimensional space, which are equidistant from a point. The radius has one endpoint on the sphere and the other endpoint at the center of that sphere. The diameter of a sphere must contain the center and touch two points of the sphere. The largest circular cross-section in a sphere is a greatContinue reading “Sphere”