A cylinder is a three-dimensional shape with a pair of parallel and congruent circular ends, called bases. Cylinders can be right or oblique. The side of a right cylinder is perpendicular to its circular bases. A cylinder has a single curved side that forms a rectangle when laid out flat. Surface area of a cylinder The area ofContinue reading “Cylinder”


  A pyramid is a three dimensional shape made up of a base and triangular faces that meet up at the vertex, V, which is also called the apex of the pyramid. Surface area of a pyramid The surface area is composed by two parts: the area of the base and the lateral area. AreaContinue reading “Pyramid”


Solid Geometry Three-dimensional shapes Cube A cube is a three-dimensional figure with six matching square sides. The dotted lines indicate edges hidden from your view. Volume If s is the length of one of its sides, then the volume of the cube is s · s · s Volume of the cube Inverse formula: SurfaceContinue reading “Cube”