A sphere is the set of all points, in three-dimensional space, which are equidistant from a point. The radius has one endpoint on the sphere and the other endpoint at the center of that sphere. The diameter of a sphere must contain the center and touch two points of the sphere. The largest circular cross-section in a sphere is a greatContinue reading “Sphere”


A cone is a solid with a circular base and sides that taper up towards a vertex. A cone is generated from rotating a right triangle, around one leg. A cone has a slant height. Surface area Surface area is a two-dimensional measurement that is the total area of all surfaces that bound a solid. The basic unit ofContinue reading “Cone”


A cylinder is a three-dimensional shape with a pair of parallel and congruent circular ends, called bases. Cylinders can be right or oblique. The side of a right cylinder is perpendicular to its circular bases. A cylinder has a single curved side that forms a rectangle when laid out flat. Surface area of a cylinder The area ofContinue reading “Cylinder”


  A pyramid is a three dimensional shape made up of a base and triangular faces that meet up at the vertex, V, which is also called the apex of the pyramid. Surface area of a pyramid The surface area is composed by two parts: the area of the base and the lateral area. AreaContinue reading “Pyramid”


  A prism is a solid figure that has two parallel congruent sides that are called bases that are connected by the lateral faces that are parallelograms. There are both rectangular and triangular prisms. Surface area of a Prism If we want to find the total surface of a prism we need to add twiceContinue reading “Prism”


Cuboid A rectangular solid is also called a rectangular prism or cuboid. In a rectangular solid, the lenght, width and height might be of different lenghts Volume The volume is found using the formula: Inverse formulas: Surface area The total surface area (TSA) of a cuboid is the sum of the areas of its six … Continua a leggere Cuboid


Solid Geometry Three-dimensional shapes Cube A cube is a three-dimensional figure with six matching square sides. The dotted lines indicate edges hidden from your view. Volume If s is the length of one of its sides, then the volume of the cube is s · s · s Volume of the cube Inverse formula: SurfaceContinue reading “Cube”